[Want To Take More Action?]

I bet you experienced wanting to do more in your life, but then there are things that are holding you back.

For me, one of them is thinking too much about what other people will think about me. And damn it's unhealthy.

It leaves me feeling miserable, feeling helpless and angry. Angry at myself.

This quote by Ayn Rand might help you as it did to me.

"Freedom comes from seeing the ignorance of your critics and discovering the emptiness of your virtue."

They don't really know it all. And I bet you know what you do and why you did it that way better than anyone else.

Especially coz you took the time to check all the details, research intensively and really study your stuff deeply.

Even if you believe and know they are actually better it's more helpful to think that they are not as smart as you, more knowledgeable than you.

It's helpful for achieving a lot of things.

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