[Want More Happiness, Love, Biznass Then Don't Be Afraid Of Strangers]

Growing up my parents used to say to me to not trust strangers, to not talk to strangers, to not go home with strangers.

But Ma. Pa. The cute girl during the mass who was smiling at me was a stranger.

Here's truism I've realized. To get what you want in life. Be it misery or bliss. You must get to know more strangers to get more of it.

Want more misery in life. Get to know more miserable people. Your miserable and depressed friends and folks are just not doing enough right now. Push it to the limit. Be more miserable. Meet more miserable people and soak in communal misery ;)

Want more happiness in life. Guess what? Yup. Get to know more happy people.

Cherish strangers.

Get to know more strangers.

Get more of what you life in life.

Strangers include: your potential lifelong partner, great long-lasting big clients, better than your current buddies buddies, great shortcut giving mentors.

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