[Socratic Cold Reading Copywriting Wisdom]

Recognize the name Joe Sugarman? Rings bell in your copywriting/marketing memory?

You should be, he's the author of one of the greatest books in Copywriting (which I don't remember the title of and which I will not bother to look up now, as I want to keep on writing)

And over the coming days we'll get to know more about his profound copywriting wisdom through his quotes beginning with:

"Get the reader to say yes and harmonize with your accurate and truthful statements while reading the copy."
- Joe Sugarman

I think it's similar to the Socrataic Method, the Yes Ladder. Which basically gets the audience saying yes yes and yes.

Can be done by asking questions. Are you interested in marketing? In copywriting? In persuading people?

Also can be done cold-reading. Which is basically guessing. Can be more risky, but quite powerful if you can do it right. I bet you need help with your copywriting. You must be pulling your hair in irritation of failing to get the right persuasive words on paper.

Another part of the quote is "accurate and truthful statements."

Again can be done by qualifying or guessing things about them. Which you can pre-frame by researching them and the market before writing the copy.

For example if from you research buyers of puppies are looking for puppies no older than 8 months but no younger than 4 months. You looking for a cute puppy? Not older than 8 months but not younger than 4 months?

Basically stating the facts you got from your research of what's important to them which you can get conviniently from reading reviews and testimonials of similar products and competitor products.

Add your copywriting skills then you can even state the problem better than them enabling you to state their problem better than them and causing them to feel that you understand their dilemna in a really deep level.

How about you? What other bits of wisdom do you get from this quote? It's clear that I haven't read his book yet, can you provide me with the context of this quote?

Do let me know what you think. I really appreciate your thoughts.

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