[Slippery Slope of Copy]

Some profound wisdom are so profound that they sound and feel profound that I can sometimes can't put them to use.

It feels good and sucks at the same time. Coz it gives you that high, spacey feeling but leaves you no crystal clear instruction on how to move forward.

And that is how I felt reading this quote for the first time, but I think we can squeeze some ideas on how we can apply this to our copy.

Todays quote:

"Your readers should be so compelled to read your copy that they cannot stop reading until they read all of it as if sliding down a slippery slope."
- Joe Sugarman

Hmmmmm. Okey so now some idea on how to compell our reader so much that they can't help but read the next line.

We can do the big...

Reveal by using this dot dot dot thing where we reveal the next idea on the next...


Next is we can leave the thought incomplete. The first thing to do is to think hard then.

He was a good boy but then this happened to him.

That's two. Next is we can have this grave problem. That if we don't solve so much pain, misery and woe will spread across the cosmos that we have to figure out the solution or else everyone gets it.

Then leave it at that. Hanging. With no solution.

Then revealing the solution on the next line.

Ok so that's 3 ideas on how to compel readers to keep on sliding on our slippery slope of copy.

1 dot dot dot
2 incomplete
3 problem so grave but solution ain't revealed until
The next line

Any more additions on how to go about this?

Do add them below :) Educate me

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