[Once Upon A Copy]

Once upon a time there was a little boy studying the art of magickry.

Everyday he studied magickry. Read thick textbooks on magickry. And taken comprehensive notes.

Everyday. Throughout the day. He studied magick deeply. Losing sleep. Losing count of time. Deeply concentrated on study.

Then one day he discovered this quote:

"Telling a story can effectively sell your product, create the environment or get the reader well into your copy as you create an emotional bonding with your prospect."
- Joe Sugarman

And decided to delve deep into the wisdom of this quote.

"create the environment" He imagines the thick scent of old manuscripts surrounding him. The thick, grey, stone walls surrounding his master's library. The sunlight shooting through the arch window. With birds chirping and guards shouting to random people.

He then realize the truth in this as he is transported to that word.

"emotional bonding"

He feels a warm radiation in his chest area coming up. His breathing getting slower and his vision getting narrowed into his area of focus. But his pheriperal vision somewhat expanding.

Thus the truth of storytelling is engraved to his being from now and thereafter.

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