[No Network? Who To Network]

As you know, last time I said that I will be taking action on the advice by Ice Cream Kid on the Fastlane Forum.

And now I will make a list of people who to network to.

Filipino Freelancers
Internet Marketeers
Filipinos in Warrior Forum
Cult of Copy
People in Cult of Copy
Freelance to Freedom
Admins of high quality freelance, copywriting, business, marketing groups
People who give good answers in quora
Copywriters, marketeers with their own websites
Virtual Assistants
Lifestyle Designers based in the Philippines

And to make it more doable and easy to me I will take Massive Imperfect Action and use the interview pitch I've used to pitch this to them. Then just modify it as I go along.

Then I will also ask Roche of ProVAs how she does her google hangout interviews.

Or just research it myself.

Here's the pitch to modify:

Sir Nathaniel,
I'm working on a Sony Camera users blog and I want to feature your work there. Here is the blog:http://sonyvisionaries.blogspot.com/
I want to talk about SAPI, your photography workshops, and IPR.
Where can we chat? Facebook? Yahoo messenger?


Sir Nathaniel,
I'm working on a Copywriters Blog and I want to feature your work there. Here is the blog: copy.ph
I want to talk about how you got into copywriting, your first break into copywriting, tips to new copywriters and your interesting facebook rants.
Attached is the custom set of questions I've made after studying your work.

I know, I know much could be improved in the pitch. But then again were taking massive imperfect action to build momentum and keep on moving forward :)

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