[My Love/Hate Relationships]

You being entertained right?

And being informed?

Well, this series of posts about me getting into copywriting is a form of "Infotainment."

Basically "Entertainment" and "Information" mashed up. And I have a love/hate relationship with it. Coz it pains my arms. Coz my mind to drip with blood. My nose to bleed.

But I love it coz it wires these copywriting templates and idealogies to my system. Like the awesome viking velociraptor by Colin Theriot.

But I also hate it coz it most of the time. Is used by me as an excuse to not hustle.

But then I also love it coz it gives me more confidence about my copywriting skill.

So it really is a love/hate relationship. Giving you these infotainment bits.

So are these post informational? And entertaining?

Anything you have a love/hate relationship right now?

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