[Hungry For More Success, Then This Might Be For You]

I don't know about you, but I'm very ambitious. When I do something I want it to be a big bang.

I want it to be on epic propertions, to be memorable, to be legendary.

If you're like that, then read on.

For me, personally what holds me back from achieving more is overanalyzing.

I would go get a pen and paper and write the pros and cons and stuff.

I won't lie, sometimes that very very useful. Like it saved me from dealing with shit in the past. But it also stopped me from achieving great things in the past.

And have left me regretting wasting time.

Sometimes you just have to jump in and wing it.

And these resources have been helping me do that lately.

- Fastlane Forum especially the threads by Ice Cream Kid

- Grant Cardone - I really like his hustle stuff and his energy. Plus his quote "Commit first, figure it out later."

- Progress Threads in forums. I don't know about you but for me books can feel and look to hypey for me. But Progress Threads written by people under the cover of pen names are somewhat more real and relatable to me.

- Winning Through Intimidation - a book by Robert Ringer really good on being more confident about yourself, charging more and demanding to be treated with more respect.

- Steve Jobs speech on most people who achieved stuff are no smarter than you. I don't know about you but I see myself as a very smart person and this just rings a bell with my identity.

So there, how about you what have been pushing you to take more action lately.

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