How can underperforming sales people grow your business without firing them?

An often overlooked hidden asset in every business is the sales process. 

A business owner can be spending a couple of thousands of pesos in advertising but having an underperforming, undertrained sales people not make it easy for those interested prospects to buy and close themselves.

Possible solutions could be:

Developing sales scripts that will clearly communicate the benefits of working with your company.

Developing a rewards program for the top performing sales people.

Outsourcing the answering of the telephone to a dedicated telemaketer instead of you the owner juggling with other tasks and sounding hassled instead of joyful upon answering the phone.

How would this translate to cash:


100 prospects
3% closing rate because of underforming sales people
1 sales transaction per year
Php100.00 transaction size
Php 300.00 gross sales


100 prospects 

10 % closing rate because of an effective sales scripting put into place 
1 sale per year
Php 100.00 transaction size

Php 1,000.00 10 gross sales

That may not sound big but multiply that by the number of years and months through your business life and it's a massive improvement in cash coming in.

Do you view your sales people as an assets or liability?

Do you need help in coming up with sales scripts for your sales people?

Do have other ideas in leveraging your existing sales people?

Waiting to hear from you :)


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