#copywriting tip 28 Bob Stone’s Gem

Begin with your strongest benefit
Expand on the most important benefit
Tell exactly and in detail what they are going to get, including all
the features and benefits
Back up your statements with support copy
Tell them what they’ll lose if they don’t act
Sum up the most important benefits
Make your call to action. Tell them to “reply now” and give a good,
logical reason why they should.

Done For You Copywriting done by dedicated, obsessed and coffee-induced copywriting maniacs!

You know wha's lovely about maniacs?

They don't stop 'til they get the job done.

And you can trust that if you release them they will just go out like crazy and do whatever it is you want them to do. And go after them with such tenacity that it's scary.

Scary for them. Your competition. Coz' the copywriting maniacs in my team will get the job you entrusted with us done right.

With us you'll going to get:
Dedicated maniacs to obsess over getting your results
They will research like mad and leave no stone unturned
Lobotomize your buyers' brains
Making them able to cast super effective spells right at them
And they will review and re-review the scroll spells like crazy so you don't have to

Just check out the copywriting tips we've been rolling out lately. That + more! Coz we don't get paid to do these damn tips. But you pay us.

Precious. So we deliver our regular awesomeness plus more :)

So precious time is ticking. Opportunities are being lost. We're so good and will be overbooked soon.

Again. Done For You Awesomeness Copywriting. Our regular awesomeness plus a collosal more.

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