#copywriting tip 27 The Approach Formula

Arrive at the problem
Propose a solution
Persuade the listener why your solution will work
Reassure that you and your solution can be trusted
Orchestrate an opportune opportunity to sell
Ask for the order (or response)

So many copywriting tips where to start, where to begin. How do I even begin using this for my business.

What if you can just not bother with all of this. Like just laze around in your sofa all day, party all week long. Yet still have the peace-of-mind that you're going to get the results you're after.

Well have you ever thought of hiring a copywriter to do it all for you. You know the type of writer who knows his chops, can ease all of your pain and do all the work. While you kick back and get all the results.

You know what there are people out there who dedicate their life to studying copywriting, marketing, persuasion and influence. And some of them are available to do your bidding with just a few bucks.

Think Boba Fett doing Darth Vader's bidding while vader is enjoying force-chocking his admirals 3:)

So yeah I'm one of those skill bounty copy hunters open for bidding.

Message me now for your copy concerns that you want to be dealt with, my lord.

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