[Copywriters: Sexy or Not?]

I really hate telenovelas. Especially Filipino made ones. I think most of them are crappy.

But it's hard to avoid glimpsing into them when the whole family watches them every evening.

And you know what's crazy. Copywriting is in fact being a sexy job right now that the Telenovela that features James Reid and that girl, don't remember the name. Even has copywriter as a "to be reached for" position in the office.

With the girl getting into a copywriting position.

Crazy right.

Here's what crazier. I'm trying to get into copywriting. For the interest of mastering persuasion and it's usefulness in entrepreneurship. Not in trying to be sexy, hip and into the Telenovela. I don't even know that shows title.

So what do you think about copywriting? What do you think copywriters do? Do you think they're sexy or not?

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