You ever been interrupted while walking in mall?

You ever been interrupted while walking in mall? By people handing out fliers about different business offers like real estate, promo discounts and others.

Recently I was sitting in a restaurant then I noticed this group of people form by the elevator. They had a pep talk then disbursed one of them stayed by the elevator just in fornt of me.

And there he proceeded to give out fliers. But people don't want it. He gets rejection after rejection. But he keeps on doing it.

Imagine going through that shit. Standing in the mall for hours. Being rejected and rejected.

For Something That He Doesn't Stand For

For some shitty job that will replace him when he's no longer getting results for the company. Might be even for a very shitty paycheck. Plus a little commission to motivate him.


Imagine if he would do that for something he does stand for. Something where he would would truly benefit.

Imagine that for him. Imagine that for yourself.

Me? I'm hustling so hard right now. Rejection after rejection. No after no.

But I'm hustling for something I enjoy doing, will reward me emotionally, personally and financially is a Great Way.

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