What's with the Index cards full of writing?

If you know me and meet me in person, you will notice that I have this little index cards filled with writing always with me.

What are they? Why do I always have them around? What is written in them?

You know, Manila, Philippines land of everlasting traffic jams even when there are no jams.

So commuting takes long and when you arrive sometimes waiting for people that you will meet even takes longer.

Knowing that time is precious and could never be turned back. I developed this practice of noting down lessons and principles I got from reading self-improvement books. And whenever I am forced to wait out the traffic, wait out people, and wait out during the slow hours of art fairs I whip this things out and read them. Again and again and again.

Sometimes stopping to reflect on some points.

Here are some notes I have under the topic Mastery/Learning:

Constant and Neverending improvement. Reversal. Common mistake. Quiting points. Success is emotional. It's never about how good you are, but how bad do you want it. Learning. Very educational. Alter the environment. Decisions and actions. See yourself from the outside. Differentiate. Read things that challenge your assumptons and beliefs. Transition. Negative preparation.

I have various index cards with different topics ranging from marketing, selling, habits, behaviour, success,mindset, entrepreneurship, nlp, etc.

So if you have something you want to ingrain in yourself and really know deeply then this practice is something you can adapt.

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