"The more you tell the more you sell."

So have you read some stuff by Dan Kennedy after telling you the other day about how life-changing and game-changing his marketing, principles, mindset and practices are?

If you haven't yet then you should! before life or anything else gets in the way. Get a book of his from amazon right now or check out his website and blog.

Today I'm going to share with you one of the principles I learned from him and is repeatedly echoed as true by other marketers at his level.

And that principle is: "The more you tell the more you sell."

We are not lazy-ass peps here, so how can we apply that?

1) Blog about your process
2) Posts about on social media about what you're doing in your business and what it would mean for your clients
3) Share your personal stories - makes you more human and more relatable to your audience

Go out hustle and tell more to *sell more*

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