I am thinking interest in being a copywriter

I am thinking interest in being a copywriter. In fact not only taking interest in being a copywriter. But already being a copywriter. This post along with other posts in this page are already copywriting practice exercise I'm doing.

I enjoy that, hitting two birds in one stone. Promoting myself as a copywriter here and practicing copywriting.

You might ask, why this interest in copywriting Gerome when you're already a quite accomplished artist. To be honest my art is not giving me much dough really and I doubt it will. Which is a lame reason why.

But here's a better reason why. I've majored in Advertising back in College and to be honest, even if some people will hate me for it, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the process of making advertisements, analyzing advertisements. I really enjoyed. Even made good grades in it and was recognized in class for some ads I made.

I thought back then in a very "cool" very visual manner. But things took a turn after graduation. I decided to be a full-time artist and surrounded myself with the current group of the founder of our organization back in college. 98-b collaboratory the current group. Illustrator's guild of the Philippines the college group.

So I was very, extremely active in art bazaars and art fairs. I joined everyone of them. And I made quite a good earning with that. Now, looking to earn more to get more funds to create more merchandise and art projects I stumbled upon this bright, badly designed book on marketing.

I'm a frequent browser of books under the marketing/business section of bookstores and this book is very different. Wild, bright colors. Unknown author to me. But the word's that were in the front cover and the back cover were very compelling. The price was steep for a book that small and that thin around 1,000 pesos.

But it was so compelling that I couldn't keep my mind off it.

It was No BS Trust Based Marketing by Dan Kennedy. So many thing persuaded me to buy it. The title, trust-based. Trust is very important in the art community. That's why it seems like a very elitist community from the outside. There's a lot of trust-building and trust-breaking in the community. Because there are high emotion artists, poser collectors. It had to have that fascade. Inside you'll be suprised how Konyo and how open people are.

The free gift! Wow if you go to Dan Kennedy's site I think you'll also encounter the free gift there. I think it's $100 + free gift. Imagine that the free gift costs more than the book. There's a catch there though which I saw after buying the book.

Then the cd! God! this book has a cd, must be premium. Reminded me of the super expensive Guitar Magazines with CDs inside them that I look for at Booksales. Plus the Graphic Design, Concept art magazines that have CDs too. Those cds were great! with free demo software, stock photo, video tutorials.

So cd!

Then the summary on the back cover of the book was so good. The book had more of a synopsis on the back than blurbs about what other people think about it.

So I bought it. Got hooked into the philosophies and approach of Dan Kennedy. Got to know more of his works. Got to know more about the direct response marketing community. From there it went on and on. Discovered one great marketing teacher after another.

Jay Abraham, Michael Senoff, Jay Abraham's Students, Bill Glazer, Steve Sipress, I love marketing community and more!

That's how I got into the world of copywriting. And now I'm looking to put what I've learned and constantly learning to practice.

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