Do you read self-improvement stuff?

Do you read self-improvement stuff? If you do and if you have read enough of them.

You might have noticed that most of them are full of fluff and it's hard to get into implementing the tips in there in our lives.

But we do want to improve our lives. We do want to be better. We do want more success in our life.

From my experience one of the things that help most in improving myself is seeing other people go in the journey of improving theirselves. And it helps a lot when they tell the story of them being in the trenches. Of actually struggling to make it all work.

Why? Because it tells you that they're human like you. Not unlike the oh so perfect author that said, "Just repeat his affirmation everyday and you will be a success." And other woo woo stuff like that while shouting on the top of their lungs like they're possesed or sumthing.

Well one of the greatest source of inspiration for me to actually hustle it out there is the Fastlane Forum. Created by the author of Millionaire Fastlane Mj Demarco that group has a lot of actual case studies and stories from the trenches. And if you're dedicated to this as well as I am then read through all the gold post. I find the ones by Ice Cream Kid and Sinister Lex to be most helpful.

One of the things that you will learn there is the importance of the right mindset. That help me a lot!

So head on over there and read those gold posts. Search the fastlane forum on google and go to the general entrepreneurship thread then read the pinned/gold posts on the top.

Read through it and note down things that resonate with you.

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