Do you believe in what you do?

The fact that you took the leap and started your own business says a lot about your attitude and principles towards life.

You are more motivated by the potential of great rewards than the fears of security and uncertainty.

You found something that would make you feel more alive and more connected to your true self versus your previous preoccupations.

And one of the things that you're really going to love about going this route is that you will find yourself feeling more fulfilled, being able to help others in a much sincere and true level and feeling a certain sense of direction of life.

When you enter this journey then you open up resources in your being you were never aware better. Like a great mother tapping into great powers unknown to her until the great transition to motherhood happened.

Below is a wonderful TED talk of Vishen Lakhiani :D A really awesome dude with a really awesome business :)

His business mindvalley has won the most democratic workplace for many consecutive years.

He has this fun way of getting the top graduates to work for his company.

He has this system that ensures his staff learns, enjoys and have more freedom.

Then most of his employees go out making awesome businesses of their own.

This video is really inspiring and wonderful :)

Enjoy :)

So what do you believe in?

What drove you to get into your business?


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