#copywriting tip 4 - Features - Advantages - Benefits (FAB)

Have amazing features in your product but don't know how to drive home the amazing benefits of it. The FAB (Features - Advantages - Benefits) will help you do that!

Features - What you or your product can do
Advantages - Why this is helpful
Benefits - What it means for the person reading

Limited edition print. Makes this print highly collectible and to be sought after. Raising scarcity and rarity thus making the second market for it more interesting and profitable. Makes collecting much fun.

500 megapixel camera. This baby will capture images that has microscoping details. Excellent for photographs that will be printed or displayed large. Where details is a major factor this camera will deliver.

Doesn't cause to tap to attack. Means this creature card can attack this turn at the same time block during the opponents turn. Making you gain more board advantage with less cards on the board. And pressuring your opponent to cast their important removal cards.

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