#copywriting tip 11 - The 5 basic objections - Need

5. I don’t need it.

Copywriting is not really my priority. What I need more is sales. But then I found out through "really" listening through my customers that I was wasting time and money sending out the wrong messaging or the wrong wording/structure of my message. That what I thought was more important to them was not really. And copywriting enlightened me how to fix all of that.

Art no one really needs art in their life. Like I can live my life in my office and in my room. Bland, without life, mediocre, plain and boring. No need to add some color, adventure and fun to my walls. I don't believe that my surroundings affect the way I think about myself and am perceived. Like as much as I can make do with this shabby, over fit clothes of mine and be perceived as a low-life. Deserving little to no respect and asked to do the hard-work with little to no rewards. I can go through life without art.

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