Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread

In this talk Seth Godin tells the history of the Sliced bread and how it remained virtually unknown by the world years after it's invention.

Until Wonder came along to spread the world about it.

That we are in "the century of idea diffusion". Where ideas that spread win.

And where the old world where TV and mass media made it easy to spread the word becomes less and less true.

Because now we have way more choice and way less time.

And for marketer the solution Seth said, "Is be the purple cow in the multitude of black and white cows".

Your marketing should be "REMARKABLE".

Worth making a remark about.
Worth talking about.
Worth noticing.
Even if you love or hate it.

Something different
Something in the fringes

Market to innovators and early adopters because they listen

And that this type of marketing has the potential of changing whole communities just as in the case of Frank Gehry.

How can you make your marketing something worth making a remark about?

What are common, normal practices in your industry, do something different from that! Do something that goes to the opposite of that tide and be the Purple Cow!

Remember only dead fish swims with the water.

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