How to Get Invited to Speak Resource

I only have a very limited experience in speaking though my mother was a very active member of the Toast Masters here.

I spoke to one university here during their design week. She apparently saw my work during one of the art fairs that I attended which was where she was able to see my work ;)

Anyways here we go to our top resources on “How to Get Invited to Speak”

nice tips from Chris Brogan – blogging your speech, making friends, shooting a video, asking

on contacting the ted community near you, on having an idea worth sharing, tips and simon’s experience

on taking the effort to list down prospective speaking committees and taking the time to build connections with them

where to start, making friends, letting the world know

hunting down organizers, pitching, offer to be a replacement speaker, make yourself available

on using google alerts, on launching an interview series, approaching peeps, using the phone, letting th world know

very nice advice - provide evidence that you could speak well, documented speaking experience, easy-to-communicate appeal,

to be great you must be willing to do what others are not – this is what this one is about

from the other side of the trench. Where and how event organizers search for speakers – slideshare, klout and others

places to hunt for your first speaking engagements and another tool

how a conference organizer looks for speakers, what he looks for, how he checks if you are the one he’s looking for

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