How to Create a Successful Event Resource

 Today we round up some of the best articles on creating a successful event.

Let's get it on!

On making seminar content – branstorming, index cards, and arranging

powerful detailed tips on creating powerful and successful ;) online seminars

great tips on creating event marketing materials that convert – headlines, benefits, copywriting, details, features, who should attend and more

helpful mindsets on looking for sponsors, on realizing the value you are offering to the sponsor, on thinking of meaningful ways to connect your sponsor to your audience, crafting the proposal

build a prospect list, collaborate/partner with an established learning center, emergency measures

about organizing martial art events but this checklist is so detailed that it will help anyone planning a seminar. To keep things in check and make you don’t leave out something important ;)

good advice - give them value before they come, focus on the experience, something they can finish

nice various tips on marketing your seminar from direct mail to pricing

creating a video, registration incentives

popular times, who is the expert, getting the word out – publicity and advertising

really really good! - asking for inputs, choosing a convenient venue, ideal time for seminars, don’t compete unless you piggyback, offer incentives for early birds and more

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