Business Halloween and Time Vampires

Happy Halloween :D Everybody :D

Now for some nightmarish business talk about time management

In the book NO B.S Time management for Entrepreneurs.

Dan Kennedy delivers powerful jabs and hooks to our notions of time management.

In the book Dan brings out to the light "Time Vampires".

As quote from Derek Sivers wonderful summary of the book:

"Time Vampires love meetings, because a bunch of blood-rich victims gather in one place at one time. It's like a buffet."

And recently ABS-CBN news published this article about the lost of business etiquette in our modern times.

"Perhaps you have experienced being interrupted in the 

middle of a meeting when a phone suddenly goes off and 

someone has to excuse himself."

Ain't that annoying.

And the article further drives the point.

"When attending interviews, it becomes common practice for 

applicants to cancel, reschedule or arrive late using traffic as 

the common excuse. Dressing up to impress the interviewer 

becomes less common as the boundaries for proper 

business attired becomes blurred."

As a remedy Dan recommends:

Self-discipline is the magic power that makes you virtually 

unstoppable. Self-discipline is MAGNETIC. And self-

discipline aimed and applied at a particular thing, as I do to 

writing, as Pincay does to fitness, is quite literally a magic 

power. When you focus your self-discipline on a single 

purpose, like sunlight through a magnifying glass on a single 

object, look out! The whole world will scramble to get out of 

your way, hold the doors open for you, and salute as you 

walk by. It takes tremendous self-discipline to productively 

allocate and invest time and to stick to your intentions.

Further reading:

Is business etiquette dead? by Armando Bartolome

No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs - by Dan S. Kennedy

Thought to ponder:

"My life is one long obstacle course, with me being the chief obstacle." -JACK PAAR


1) Who and what are the Time Vampires in your life?

2) What are your goals? Are you achieving/ working towards your goals, or at other people's goals?
The time vampires' goals?

3) Are you effectively delegating tasks that can free you more time to focus on what you do best? Automating them?

4) Do you have a progress for tracking progress? Or "gamifying" your way to your goals keeping top scores to beat?

5) What are your thoughts about Time Management? What books have you read about it? What are your experiences with it?

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