The Ultimate Zero to Influencer Rolodex

Today we round-up some of the best of the best articles on creating following. From guest posting to growth-hacking we cover all of them here. And we will eventually execute upon and test the advice in these articles ourselves.

So skip the crappy tutorials and let's open the vault of:

"The Ultimate Zero to Influencer Rolodex"

Nice break-down and takeaways from top brands doing it right.

nice insights and big data to drive points. Very actionable tips for those wanting to grow their IG following
On dominating IG - Good hashtags – brand, product category, location hashtags, right days and time 

cultish reminds of of the awesome cult of copy by Colin which leads us to

Awesome community of cultish copywriters! Some really mad info here ;)

quite poignant. Something to learn here. As this was an actual case study. Love your clients perhaps <3

as noted by From my view good photography and good copywriting is doing a lot of great work here. Surely IG is not the only platform that rewards good photography ;)

some really good tips. I find the tips on tools really useful and straight away actionable

very insightful. Not a really avid user of twitter myself. Not yet ;)

yup yup and yup! Some awesome actionable stuff by Jeff Bullas :D

nice actionable bullets!

nice lots of great tips for using twitter. insider tips here!!!

nice long comprehensive tips by Chris Ducker. More to do :D

Don’t cha worry will be trying these things out and let you know, how to do it, which ones give most results :D so keep frosty ;)

make it about them not about you – simon sinek. A really good smart dude.
Why how what.
Why? Teach people how to create a following to create myself a following.
How? Through kick-ass content that really really useful and valuable ;)
What? A blog a creating a following from ground zero ;)

On how to be an Influencer

some really good tips here. Some obvious and some you might not known before

nice points the one about help a reporter out is gold ;)

actionable growth hack tips and excellent case studies
so replace your email with twitter ;)

good motivating story to get you to put yourself out there

nice big data and stories. Tells you why it’s more costly when you invest in advertising but cheap out on content production

the offer yourself to be interviewed is smart ;) and contributing too

the be sohelpful stuff is really helpful which leads us to

very insightful blog and resources on customer development

On how to get email subscribers

nice tweaks that matter in conversion.

data, case studies and results! Plus tools! Really good :D

promotes a product that might maximize your returns if you are thinking of launching a contest

date, slide up and results :D

simple tweaks. Social media to email subscriber

the awesomeness of content upgrade :D really good :D promise! Plus it converts ;)

getting more out guest posts ;)

tips on participation and engagement

smart and actionable content. Plus not daunting :D unlike others

On how to get social media followers

nice tips on getting followers on different platfroms :D

nice very nice tips and very good summaries too :D dang I should swipe this


damn! Good advice!!!! Really really really really good! I say GOLD!!!!!

curious tools recommended by Guy Kawasaki thru his G+

nice study sad tho that they did not execute on the analysis

nice tip on story-telling vs. selling products

awesome case study and tool recommendation

hmmm content lockers

On how to engage followers

live q and a, live tweeting, bts photos

connect people – introduce them to one another. Promote others. Ask for RT.

good and long :D Point out what’s interesting, evergreen content, emoticons, fb apps,

human interest in images, self-preception – cold reading?

Damn this is good and very actionable and talk about specific :D
Fill in the blanks :D, survey, either/or, direct ask,  ask for tips

good challenge. Links to more specific tutorials. Awesome. Really good tips :D

nice with great examples :D

instagram - post often, bring value with video tutorials, post content leading up to a launch, link to your work, limited time offers

facebook page – ask questions – what made you smile today ;), birthday cover photos of biggest contributors,

fb page-tell awesome stories, use videos,

nice use of personas by brands. Very awesome. I especially like what nike did :D

types of influencers :D

On Authority marketing

Merits of authority marketing not much actionable here great story tho and bec I love DK im sharing it :D

awesome resource on authority marketing. They have podcast :D

nice examples – reminds me of how Colin has a Dr. Phd. Master title :D

On Influencer Marketing

nice – trackable, not always money, personalize

awesome graphics that explain and tutorials to find influencers

nice influencer marketing campaigns that worked well in IG – very good

nice comprehensive guide on influencer marketing
what influencer marketing is, why it works, trust factor, very very good

big data on the fast growth of influencer marketing

nice awesome case study with positive results with influence marketing!!!!

more case studies :D

even more case studies now by industry :D

really interesting where this is all going and how fast it is growing. Plus the amount of results it delivers!

nice pdf report has case studies about 3rd way through

quality influencer content + some ads = many organic views
nice use of videos, quite entertaining and I guess resonates with their target market – curious that most of the case studies were targeted towards females…hmmm -_- would be awesome to see something like this targeted towards males

so they call influencer marketing outreach marketing – various articles

influencer radiation :D from the core to the related influencers – cocktail bloggers to night life bloggers

nice article about building and retaining relationships with the influencer and not being a one-night stand

nice touch on reaching out from small influencer to larger influencer. Or blogger to blogger

case studies, agency that manages influencer marketing campaigns

nice case study on how this stuff worked for cbs

another agency with some good case studies

nice case studies with results!! Very very good :D by marketing profs

the truth has come! no2 young audience trust social media stars over tv stars… so true!

On Growth Hacking

long and filled

tipping, outbrain

cross promote, follow buttons, follow button on thank you pages and a lot of others :D

on catching up with established brands and top5 strategies that worked great for them

how big brands are jacking up their twitter with live event twitting and more :D

on what to focus on based from their experience. How going to events has much better roi than fb page

nice real advice on getting real followers on twitter and weeding out the fake ones and being more human and less robot on twitter

good course by Thomas Pichon :D

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