How to Make a Resource Page

Choose a topic

For example marketing, I’ve been a very dedicated student of marketing and uncovered some very useful resources that you just don’t get on the first page of google search.

This type of knowledge takes time to acquire so it’s valuable to people.

So I made this resource page (this tip is by the way recommended by Kevin Dewalt you can find his awesome notes on customer development here:

Notice how it is on the top of the most viewed post on this abandoned blog. 

From experience it truly brings results ;)

If you haven’t spent much time yet on your niche you can still make a resource page which is what we’ll be doing here right now.

First stop – make a list of things that would be useful to peeps in your niche.

So for our case we’re all about building a following. So here goes our list:

How build a following
How to be an influencer
How to get email subscribers
How to get social media followers
How to engage followers

And as a bonus to peeps who will view your resources page weed and leave out those crappy stuff that you find in your search.

Just from this I already have some ideas on what would be useful for this topic for my audience. I’m already thinking that what I know from marketing would be very valuable in this rolodex.

Things like:
Authority marketing      
Influencer marketing
Growth hacking
AARRR – acquisition, activation, retention, referral,revenue #
Jonah Berger and his book Contagious

Dang! Now I have so much to cover that I’m thinking I should segregate this.

So that’s enough for now ;)
How build a following

Search it in google.
Read and filter the good ones from the bad ones.
Add on the list and add short and sweet description.

Now brace the Philippine internet speed T_T dang I should really do something to improve that stuff.

I hate those picture list! They’re such time suckers! Kill those please (yeah forbes I’m talking to ya)

Nice break-down and takeaways from top brands doing it right.

nice insights and big data to drive points. Very actionable tips for those wanting to grow their IG following

cultish reminds of of the awesome cult of copy by Colin which leads us to

and so on...

So now your turn, what insider knowledge and resources have you discovered over time that you’ve been doing your stuff.

You can download an actionable checklist on "How to Make a Resource Page" here:

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