How to Do Blog Interviews

How I got started?

I attended several artist talks and it became apparent to me that it is very interesting to hear the artist talk about his/her art practice and artworks.

And also being active in participating in art fairs and art bazaars. I saw that some had very interesting works and stories to share. So I went for the ask.

What was my ask?

I just if they would be willing to be interviewed and if I have some previous interviews I show them that :D

Sometimes I will just be asking how they are doing and then segway to asking them to be interviewed. Then other times they would get some achievement then I'll them.

 What were the results?


And of course deeper relationships and more insights and knowledge. Like I became closer friend with those I interviewed and stay in touch for other projects and happenings.

And the perks of being the interviewer. Hint: you get to ask questions from the top peeps in your space.

John Chua - top commercial photographer here in the Philippines -

Nathaniel Salang - one of the admin of Sony Alpha users here - - nice tips on he got started and on teaching photography to others

They also tend to connect you with other peeps :)

So your actionable checklist for today:

Be active in your space - go to events, interact online - be curious and strike a conversation

script ideas on how to start that 
hey man! your work looks awesome i want to interview you for my blog!
hey man wasup! what you been up to these days.... then segway to asking if you can interview them

Go for the ask! - show them previous interviews if you have :) if not then just ask ;)

Schedule or start right a way 
sometimes they would ask what the interview will be about. sometimes not

whichever way it goes have interview questions ready either in the back of your mind or written down

for me i have a standard set of questions then go off them to follow through and dig deep on things they said

my standard set - how you got started on art, what you doing now, where you want to go in the future

format, transcribe, edit the interview
then what i do is i send it to them for "approval", edit/correct as necessary
voila! a interview post

rinse and repeat :D

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