Deep Dive to Becoming an Influencer

This post is primarily based on AmEx superb article on being an influencer,, by Ivana Taylor.

On this post we deep dive to some parts of the article and point you to resources where you can get some action going :)


Focus on a specific topic area

Here is a tutorial I made for uncovering relevant keywords for your topic using adwords keyword planner:

After uncovering the keywords that you need to dominate using that tutorial. You then proceed to dominating that keywords by making great content around those keywords and making use of the other tactics and strategies that we will discuss on this site.


Yeah totally! I vouch for this one. My blog for art has got me some awesome results.

Like giving me recognition in art fairs with people that I haven’t meet yet. It also gave peeps I meet from networking events a good impression of me.

And I even got invited to talk in Mapua University for their Multimedia Arts week.

For starting your own blog I suggest you start with these tutorials:

How to Make a Resource Page -

How to Do Blog Interviews - - Interviews are good too especially if the one you interview has good following.

Write guest post never done that myself "yet" but absolutely on the to do list for this site - here's one awesome article on the topic -

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