1 Business Power Question by Dan Kennedy that will Open the Treasure Trove

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Below is a video of the Great Dan Kennedy explaining the "1 Business Power Question that will Open the Treasure Trove"

Why should I do business with you versus any and every other option out there including doing nothing?

- Dan Kennedy

Dan suggests us to:

Actionable > Write it up on a 4 by 6 card and place it in front of your desk so that you can see it everyday

And reminds us that:

It will take some time to sink in and answer it really good

That it is super important because:

It is the golden key to the treasure drove

Unique Selling Proposition it is called by many names:

Unique selling proposition
Unique value proposition
Competitive value proposition
Extra Value Proposition

It's so powerful that in the case of Domino's Pizza it changed:

The owner's life
His business

Domino's Pizza
You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door 
in 30 minutes or less or it's free.

Other great USP examples:

The Best a Man Can Get

Jet blue airline
JetBlue offers flights to 80+ destinations with free inflight entertainment, free brand-name snacks and drinks, lots of legroom and award-winning service.

Dutch Boy Paints
Fun, inspirational, colorful! Dutch Boy is an industry leader in delivering high-quality paints & innovative paint color solutions. Since 1907, Dutch Boy has ...

Safelite AutoGlass
If you have a broken windshield you may need a repair or replacement. Trust America's auto glass experts Safelite® - call us 24 hours a day or book an ...

Mast Brothers Chocolate
“we’re from the 18th century, back when craftspeople were revered and took pride in working with their hands.”

My usp for my marketing consulting:

Grow Your Business Without Spending More Money In Advertising!

It is so important that in my system I put on the very first place because without it there will be wastage in:

  • not delivering a convincing message in your advertising
  • your staff and you not being clear on what your customers really want you to sell to them
  • waste in your communication
  • waste in your business' potential PR value
  • waste in convincing potential business partners

It's throwing money in the waste basket if you advertise before you have this nailed down.

In certain case studies of businesses developing a USP and communicating it to their customers the difference is night and day.

Let me help you > Email me with "USP worksheet" at "geromesoriano@gmail.com" and I will send you a copy of my comprehensive USP development worksheet.

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