will be putting other blogs here

1 internet marketing

 yeah I got interests in internet marketing - warrior forum stuff - I know some flips are into that stuff too

2 art fair to dk to more books to testing

Yeah from selling at art fairs trying to sell more art I encountered this no bs direct response copywritier Dan Kennedy then from there i was opened to a whole world of Marketing gurus

That now I know some are bogus
But some are real smart
 yeah I still need to find time, deication and commitment to execute on some of those awesome advice

3 growth hacking the resource page

 part of trying to test these niche sites that im so cheap of I found out thru testing that resource list pages gets more views

4 weird interests

 yeah :D

5 so you would see the varied interests of gerome

6 keep this blog busy

7 im trying to throw peeps off the scent of what im really up to 3:)

8 im trying to avoid doing some stuff I really need to do

9 I need some help :D

10 yeah I hope you find the upcoming posts helpful or at least entertaining

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