The Best Marketing Advice EVER by Steve Jobs | Apple Motivation Inspiration

In this video Steve Jobs introduces Mac's new add campaign (back then) (I don't know what era this video is).

In the video Jobs stated that, "Marketing is about values"

It is about being really clear on what we want them to know us for.

He identifies Nike as a great brand who have successfully utilized this concept.

That Nike hardly even talks about their product.

What they talk about is how they honor great athletes.

For me this is somewhat similar to what Chet Holmes said.

To get to the much broader scope of your industry.

And to become a market /industry expert and not merely a product expert.

Because market/industry education marketing is much more convincing to the larger part of the market compared to talking about the product.

It also reminds me about the Begin with Why model of Simon Sinek.

I can't directly point it out but I can sense some very well polished used of NLP in his speech. Great use of anchors with change in tonality and gestures.

Then the use of metaphors and story telling to induce states.

And ambiguity not really going into the detail of things.

Glenn Osborn pointed out that Jobs is a great NLP practitioner.

Do you know what NLP is?

Are you curious to know more about Chet Holmes' teachings and strategies?

If so let me know in the comments and I'll make an article for that

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