How to search for related keywords using google adwords keyword planner

So how do you uncover what keywords people are using on google to search your topic? What phrases and words do they use?

And what other words or phrases are they searching in relation to your topic.

Why search for this?

Because these are the words and phrases that people are using to search for your topic.

Today we share to you a step-by-step tutorial on how that is done :D

So let's get started!

First off go to

Then sign in your account.

Now under "Find new keywords" click on "Search for new keywords using a phrase, website, or category"

For my use I typed in "Influencer" then set the targeting to the US and Australia. Because some of the most awesome influencers live in those countries. Darren Rowse of Problogger in Australia and Pat Flynn and the Copybloggers in the US.

And voila! the keyword suggestions!

Then click on the "Keyword ideas" to see some more information.

For this keyword, there are a lot of phrases that I did not expect at all to come out like:

Influencer marketing – I did not now that the phrase even existed before I did this. So eureka for me :D
Influencer book – I haven’t read that book.But I know that people are searching for it. Looking at what the book’s cover from afar it looks like the wrong book for a person looking to be an influencer, creating a following.
Social Influence – did not saw that one coming too.

Nice insights :D Now I know more about what people are searching and what topics should I make more quality content about :D


Now let's try another keyword: Create following.

Woah! I did not expect the search volume and competition to be this low. I was like thinking that maybe artists, politicians and brands would be interested in content about this topic.

But the stats say otherwise so it might not be that rewarding to invest in making content for these keywords.

So there you go! 

Now go out and search for your own keywords in your own topic/industry :D

Here is a downloadable actionable checklist file to get you started right away:

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