How to be an expert resources


get experience - work for someone, with someone
offer for free or offer for cheaps or offer for exdeal

ask for help
ask already expert
ask peeps from your network

bj fogg dang expert on habits
very good look up his other stuff


being an expert - the ambition of it - is all about the mindset of being of better service to others
reminds me of how working for 5star is way better than working 2 star

i dunno about the super long expert title - but it helped me - so do it
helped with cross pollinating different stuff
like being a creative and being interested in conversions
those two things = illustrations of ideas, infographics, visuals

this will take some time but i think well worth it
so far got me some good pr for my artsy stuff

do the so helpful offer
search kevin dewalt about that stuff helps you with this stuff


learn from peeps on a higher level than you
teach peeps on a lower level than you

pro who has been doing for years = higher level than you
busypeep who has no time to even bother understanding the stuff BUT wants the results = lower level than you
wonderful  expert enough :D

so far i found that it's best to imagine talking to one person in the audience if your on the presentation floor
and imagining you're talking to one person if your like me typing in front of a screenies

i disagree with the how to identify an expert part coz i read some badass dan kennedy stuff already

openminded my shinkies
- it's good to polarize, good to be opinionated - good to say bs some of the time
so yeah emotional involvement means you're serious about this stuff and not just bsing
too toot

how to identify an expert

can answer your questions
can bring you result
you have read/listen/heard about him/her on some place before

10,000 hours my shinkies!

10,000 hours from outliers gladwell yeah that's true but for relative expertise it need not really apply
so forget about that!

i think 1,000 hours is good enough to be a relative expert who can help someone out really good
10,000 hours is good for those peeps who really want to master that skill/area


jack of all trades is a compliment
expert enough to accomplish your goals - dreamlining
be more!!!!

"Is this a shortcut?:
Give yourself no other options.
Experiment, measure, untether.
Over and over again.
Until something works."

burn the other choices
dont bs yourself

inspiring story
progress thread on how you can be a relative expert in weeks! not years!!!!
even better than the person who learned it longer way back

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