5 Actionable takeaways from 5 tips to maximize customer acquisition via Growth Hacking

1) Hustle to grow

Try things

Hustle, do the work ,engage people

Engage in social media and in person

2) Design growth into your sales funnel/process

Dropbox rewarded those who referred with extra space

Jay Abraham, the Billionaire maker, said that the ballsiest referral system out there is to incorporate referral as a way to getting into business with you

a script I know is "We would like to ask to be referred to two people in your network who would benefit from our services because we spend most of our time in serving our customers and thus have very little time to market our business. And the way we grow is through referrals."

Use the tweet/share to download or access. I believe there a free app out there ;)

3) Talk to your customer

Make a survey form

Have a freeform where they can elaborate and write long on their answers

You can never really know what you will learn until you ask
This is working smarter vs harder

4) Make a community

i suggest you take a peek at thecollaborativestartup.com they have a very good course on how to build and engage a community

Talk to them where they're at. Be it in chamber meetings, quora, forums, or facebook groups.

Start a community of your own where they can ask questions and post suggestions. Social media groups - like a faebook group, meetups - use meetup or eventbrite or whatever

5) Test Ideas 

Just like in customer development testing your assumptions, setting criterias, learning what you should continue doing and what you should change

Just because some guru said it means it would work test the riskiest assumptions first, customer development says. So that you could test fast and learn fast

It also make things a lot less daunting and more doable

Testing gives a sense of just do it and let's see what happens vs we'll launch this product and it'll be perfect then perfect never got finished and got pushed aside along the way

Javelin has a very nice actionable canvas for customer development ;)

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