4 takeaways from The Many Characteristics of a Content Hacker

1) Add images to all that you post online

- Be it be a blog article, a facebook post, a twittr post

- Chances of getting audience attention is increased dramatically

- And your post take more area compared to purely text posts because of the photo

- A good source is google search images > search tools > filter by usage rights 

2) Start your posts with a number

- They stand out in search engines

- Some blogs claims that a large part of their audience comes from people viewing list posts

3) Consider writing longer copy

- google ranks articles with 2,400+ words higher

- but of course make it relevant and helpful to the keyword your targetting ;)

4) Give Value

- by giving value 37signals had a major book deal

- by giving value copyblogger grew their audience and how people approach internet marketing now

- by giving value KISSmetrics gained a lot of audience and backlinks causing them to rank higher in search engines

- what value can you give?

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