Notes from Imba Videoguy

Imba Videodude is so imba he shoot one of the big name hair product tvc here

And he won an award as part of a team who did a one take film

To be the most expensive peep on your niche

exdeal from the start no charging cash yet
Exdeal stuff like hard drive and equipents later on

What he did was exdeal a shoot for 2 hard drives
Then he would sell one and keep the other

Humor saves the day

Standup comedians to watch list
Eddie izzard,
george carlin,
Robin williams,
Louis c.k.

Working in the commercial video scene can be hard enough
Try to lighten it up with some well-timed jokes

I think it's helpful for any industry

Plus he said it helps to get the girls ;)

Director of Photography and Videographer difference

The DOP is the who directs the videographers in shoots where there are many videographers :)

3 reasons why peeps will come back to you, refer you to folks
1 you're really good - like with your equipment, camera handling, post prod and stuff
2 Professional - comes in time, properly attired, talks pro
3 Personable - where the standup comedy stuff comes in - this helps when you're trying to forget about the work - maybe talk about life, hobbies and stuff - he at one point talked about a great musician space in some place abroad

Oh and yeah forgot
He said he would have gottne better results if he had invested his time on being the top biz man rather than the top videoguy
Coz the peeps who hire him can pay him that much coz they are making much more

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