Idea Machining

An awesome practice taught by James Altucher

1 Why Bother?

Coz it keeps you sharp
Gives you a feel for what ideas are good and what ideas are bad

Idea slave - boss tell you idea what to do you do it = idea slave - not always a bad thing
You can also call that the idea executioner
Or mission impossible taker
Your like James Bond, boss gives you hard mission you deliver the results

Idea machine - the boss, the manager
You have idea you ask/pay/get volunteer/ bribe someone else to do that for you

The queen wants a new road done - other peeps do it
The Investor wants a building constructed - gets architect, contractors, etc.

2 Who are great examples

Ai wei wei - has awesome ideas - gets other people to execute with their awesome craftmanship

Edison - thinks of a mad idea - gets people to work with him on that idea
Arguably occassional - idea stealer too :D

Hey idea stealing is not too bad - see book - Steal like an Artist  Austiin Kleon - but might not be the same thing
Well if you as an idea slave under someone it's bound to happen that they get credited for your work

Henry Ford - creates stream line car production line - others man the stations

3 idea slave

So yeah as I said earlier idea slave is not always bad

You can call it with cooler names
Idea executioner
Idea assasin
Idea implementor
Chief Idea Executive
James Bond
The Transporter

Great Idea Executioners

Da Vinci - has ideas - almost always execute it himself - why he learned so many disciplines - science, art , medicine, machining, etc

Michelangelo - Pope's idea his execution
here's wesome 'bout him tho - he redesigned the original idea and made it more awesome
Here's what separate agent 00whatever who dies on third mission to agent 007
Drivers from the Transpoerter

4 ideas are currency

Blogged about doing matting for artworks - got matting project
Presented Kite Aerial Photography prints - sold some prints
Expressed taking up freelance jobs - took some - referred to some - working on some = got freelance projects

Politician - promise "ideas" of a better world = government office

Entrepreneur - made a better mouse trap -
Jobs - Iphone - nice designed electronics
Branson - better airlines

Education is good for kids = $ for school
Educatin on prestigious uni = more $$ for prestigious uni

Coffee + a cozy place + some sounds = starbucks = franchise = $

5 how to get started

Altucher advises to write 10 ideas per topic on a piece of scratch paper that you throw after per day

If you get stuck his wife advises you aim for 20 instead

You can repeat and you can make idiotic ideas

I personally keep them on small notebooks - I like keeping them - at least for now
6 topics

Altucher made the idea machine part of the 4 facets thing he had:

Idea machine is part of the mental stuff

So I guess that would be good thing to start off

Physical - exercise, going out, sleeping more, drinking more water, drinking less alcohol
Emotional - hugging you loved ones, hugging your dog, your cat, whatever
Mental - idea mchine , journalling
Spirtual - doesn't have to be religous, taking long walk, thinking aboutthe good things you have, day dreaming,

7 example what I did

How to focus on 1 thing at a time
1 involve other people
2 create punishment
3 create dedicated time
4announce publicly
5use stickk - reddit thread
6 accountability partner
7 mastermind gorup
8 progress thread
9 daily minimum
9 daily reporting
9 explain the plan, ask for Feedback
10 fb group progress thread
11 fb group chat

How to look like a idiot
1 nudity
2absurb request
3be an expert in something false/ far from me astrophysics cosmology
4teach in fl forum
5 try handshake interrupt - nlp hypnosis technique
6 try pua
7 try to do magic and fail
8 get drunk and video self trying to do stuff -mathematics?
9 get stupid job - apply at a job im over qualified
10 walk in the middle of the road dressed crazy

Ah more useful

Blogpost ideas
1 artist reports
2 interviews of artists
3 entrep reports
4 creativity - art - solving problems -people love - seth godin
5 sharK tank intropost
6 fl intro post
7 onine ads politician
8 call for mastermind
9 group exhibit goals
10 lessons learned from notes
11 lessons learned from experience

8 what results I got

 feel good
Saw some recurring ideas
Felt that some ideas are really shitty but just write it coz I need to reach ten
Ideas comes in burst

Get tiresome after a while
Very good tho

9 how it felt

That some ideas are really good that I need to execute them right away
some i'm even ashamed of letting others know

10 How to find time

Jeepney rides :D
For me I keep a small notebook for this
Then do this during free time/waiting time

Waiting for websites to load
Premiere to render/export
Lighthroom/ps to finish saving

Jeepney rides

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