Biz Idea: Election Digital Marketing

The Elections is coming and I could see that peeps will be trying to avoid TVs coz of the bombardment of ads there :D don't worry well also try to flood youtube, fb, google with election ads :D

This idea came from Jay Samit's inputs on the Entrepreneur on Fire free ebook "Imagine...A brand new world, a laptop, $500 and 7 days. What would you do?"

Google that shit and dl that!!!!

So here's what Jay Samit said: ". There’s A new Client will only exist for
6 months, but they’re going to spend a billion dollars - how
do I get them?....

So I started tweeting, writing, posting, writing for magazines
- everyone will take free columns....."

Which is what I'm trying to do now! :D

Why share this idea?

Coz' I think it's great!

I might not execute on it coz:

I don't have reps on that scene (yet)
I may get help as I'm sharing this
Someone incredible might took this idea up and make kaching over it :D

Why would it be great to execute on this idea?

1 means tons of kaching
2 you might be able to help the politician you're vetting for to win this election
3 did I say kaching
4 would be fun or not but adventurous exciting to work with corrupt or not politicians running for election 
5 I think observing their keen persuasive tactics (that is if you can see them) would be awesome :D

Why would it be great for a Politician running for the coming election to bother with digital marketing?

1 targetted targetted targetted - imagine you can run an fb ad with LOL content targetting boys 18 to 24 years old into gaming with a story on how middle earth could be saved if they elect you - sound like Sauron's running for election

Or target 60-70 years old with an ad that you will provide better health care and senior citezen benefits

Or target 30 to 40 years old with promises of higher wages, fix traffic or what not!!!

2 did I just say targetted - but you can get more targetted!!!!!

Speak right to your audience in their choosen dialect :D

Set google or youtube ad to Bisaya in regions where Bisaya is a more prominent language - even a more specific variation of Bisaya for regions where they speak it a a slightly diff way

You can even make it in arabic to appeal for our muslim brads and sis

3 cheap - well depending on who's going to pick up on this idea it can be cheap it there will be not that competition on the keywords, the targets and whatnot

4 a/b testing - dang! did you just realize that you can track the results these ads are getting 

Test a couple of them see what works most then run the successful ones in volumes!!!

5 plus less environmental effect :) - yeah if you're a pro environment dude/gal that might be your thing

6 this is proven - Jay Samit executed on this for the US election I think he helped Obama in his campaign - and oh did I just say google Jay Samit's article related to this stuff!!!!

7 smart phones, tablets, laptops did some stats or survey revealed that users of them catapulted just this couple of months!!!!

Meaning mobile ads :D
Meaning peeps trying to escape ads :D

sidenote: don't want to get bombarded with online ads this coming election - hate mail me at :D joke :D
you can dl addblocker for your browser helps a bit
Especially if you really get pissed off with that Vegetable politician ad

8 feedback!!!! yeah as part of dig mktg you can hire a community management team which will answer q's for you on social media
I know some peeps on this space and their damn good! they work for international clients 
Yea in case your in a cave Flips are working internationally thanks to the internet

9 oh yes if ever you're targetting Flips at all do include in your wonderful promises cheaper and a ton like the hulk more faster internet!!!! that will boom the economy for sure!!! with more peeps engagin in homebased work instead of playing LOL (that's me there)
and oh did you know flips are good very good at hacking too :D
Black hat anyone email me :P im no pro but I do what I can

10 hipsters, millenials, scumbags, elites, squatters, tambays - yeah they all use internet
Imgur, reddit perhaps for hipsters and millenials
Maybe steam client ads for scumbags
Stock market website ad for elites
Pabebe girl youtube vid ads for squatters
Fliptop ads for tambays?
Or maybe those yt vids of peeps trying one whole bottle of tanduay in one gulp :D

Who would be ideal to execute on this?

1 someone who's already running a dig mktg agency 
2 someone who's driven to earn tons of money
3 someone who's driven to help the politician they're vetting
4 yeah just anyone who's driven enough will do

Why should you bother to tag me along :D

1 you really don't need to
2 you just might want to take me
3 ill take cash no checks please
4 did I mention I love dogs :) we have a ladrador retriever
5 and art I make good art :D I promise

Why I'm doing this?

I'm practicing James Altucher's Idea Machine daily practice stuff and the next part right after twisting your brain for smart ideas is to execute the first step on the good ones
So this is the first step the next step might not or not not or follow :D

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