Automagically share Relevant Content to your Social Media in just 10 minutes

I'm going to show to you an awesome tool that will save you time, keep your social media accounts filled and position you as a thought-leader in your niche. Plus we will guide you step-by-step in the process of doing in just 10 minutes or less!

This is a tool that I got from Roger Hamilton the author of "Millionaire Masterplan". He used this tool to help position a client he was mentoring at that moment to be the thought-leader on an innovative technology that they could see as getting big.

Eventually this client of his was called by a big company to come work for them to handle the introduction of that technology into their company and into the market. 

Sidenote: If you want to know more about that you can search for Roger Hamilton's lecture series regarding "Waves". By waves he means that incoming technology that will change the world like 3d printing and such.

So if you want to save time keeping your social media accounts filled with relevant and newsworthy topics about your industry listen up.

Oh another this tool is absolutely free to set-up!

The tool is called "" it's a content curation tool you can access it here:

If you're ready to set-up your own "Papers" and be noteworthy influencer in your niche with little work then let's get started!

What is and what does it do?

First let's take at and what it specifically does for you. as we said earlier is a content curation tool.

Basically it's your own newspaper tailored to your niche.

It's works by aggregating content from various sources you input to it.

An example is my "Freelance Wednesdays" paper.

You can see that it has content from various places about Freelancing.

Additionally you can set how often your "paper" will come out.

Like this:

As you can see it's only published during Thursdays.

Besides that it get occassional like and favorites.

What's more awesome is that it's FREE and on AUTOPILOT.

Sidenote: The only time I tinker with my papers is when I check them and I see that they are published unrelevant content like this

We will get to how I fix that later.

10 minutes tutorial on setting up your own Papers

Now let's get into the juice of how you can do it for yourself!

Sign up or Log in

 Click on “Create Paper”

Type in your topic

For my example I typed in “Entrepreneurship”

Then will automagically collate related content

See ;)

Click on the gear icon on the upper right corner

Now you have some awesome automagically curated content. Now time to tweak and improve them a bit.

Click on “Content”

Add some search term that you think will be great to add on this.

Some topics I’m thinking of for this one
Entrepreneur on fire

After getting those new searches for that

Fetch new content

Get on this dashboard by clicking on that home icon

So yeah click on the “Fetch new content”  then click “confirm”

Now we will refine our paper by editing what shows up in the featured area

This is also how you refine existing papers

Press edit

“Down” those you don’t want to show on the top part which is the featured part

“X” those you don’t want to show on

“up” those you want to show on the top featured part of your paper

now on to the part where will automagically post your paper to your social media accounts

Click on the “gear” on the upper right corner again

Then go to “promotion and emails”

Scroll down to “social channels”

Turn them on

Optional step – changing the frequency from daily to weekly

Coz I have a lot of papers already I don’t want to bombard my audience so I will set this one to weekly

Every fridays to be specific

So change the title

then scroll to Publishing schedule

There we’re finish :D


Next time we'll share with you how has worked for us :)

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