That writing stuff

You ask me what that writing is all about?

What writing thing?

Hmmmm...  could they mean the dabbling I made on Marketing Consulting.

Oh shit!

I thought I was able to hide that one.


It connected it to my facebook page.

Well the Senor Mahika told me to go out of the box and explore.

Then now you will see me dabbling on shit you will probably say I should stay away from.

Still curious what that writing is all about? Let's get into it then!

The marketing consulting is something I have been thinking about before for quite a long time. And the writings you see on the other blog is the action I have taken before I have decided to abandon it for now.

But since it got some traction I'm thinking I might go back to it. I might.

The story on how I got to doing that stuff:

In the beginning there was art, then there art projects
With art projects, come cost with no solid means of monetizing
With that, came the action taking on art bazaars and art events
With those events, came the interest in marketing and business

With marketing and business, Gerome went to a bookstore
In a boookstore he found this odd book that is no bs, connects with him, expensive, and from an author he never heard from before
With careful consideration, the book is bought

Brought to home and digested
With that digested, Gerome was in a frenzy
He looked up all of the stuff from that man
The man by the way we will reveal later on

Thru that man, he meet other men and women 
Who are crazy, fun, no bs shit
Yeah that no bs shit really appeals to me
That's why I am really glad that the Hacker introduced me to their world

With all those other crazy people
Gerome got into this system of marketing that is soooooo good that he just had to share it to the world

So yeah that Marketing Consulting shit is real! I have no experience in executing on it :) But I have case studies that will prove to you that.

That stuff works!

And it will make you money.

In fact I'm so sure it will make money that I can work with it on a performance-based basis. Like commission, perecentage based from your earnings. Based on the results you get for allowing me to execute that thing for your business.

You know what thinking about it Now.

I would like to continue, pushed thru with it. And if there is someone there interested.

 Contact me and I'll gladly work for you free until you earn enough money for yourself and you have more than enough to "donate" to me :)

Here are my criteria:
At least 5 years in business
Have list of past customers
Willing to be experimented upon

Your Benefits:
You will have great copy from me
You don't have to pay me upfront. You only pay when get results and you're happy with it
You will, I guarantee, make money with this

You know, I should really do this on myself first. But I want the pressure of working with someone else. The accountability of it.

The Marketing Consultant willing to work based on results

P.S.Contact me, ask a question or whatnot. Reach me through facebook or email.

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