Failure Celebration :D

The Lamboman said failure is the sweat of success.

So if you’re not sweating hard enough means you’re not really working out.

The sunglass man has a practice of celebrating failures. Not because it’s fun to fail.

But I think to be more comfortable with it. As it will be a normal part of a non-mediocre life.

Recent failures to celebrate:

Got lost going to a friend’s exhibit with a friend
Sending a submission and not getting back any feedback
Having very bad stomach days
Being unable to control my irritation on some level
Being unable to follow through and push a friend’s project
Starting out several projects and leaving them on the table undone
Applying for work and being unneeded at the moment
Being stupidly worried about some things not working out
Taking my chances striking conversations and failing at some
Proposing to conduct my project on other people’s houses and being rejected
Being beaten in arguments
Being bitter sorry on past relationships
Watching ehem “manly” stuff
Putting out corny jokes
Uncontrollably teasing friends to irritation D:
Dragging friends down when I was trying to get their morale up
Rushing on things
Being mad that someone made a similar work/idea to one I was working on
Being not available when things I have waited on for so long become available
Cutting off other people’s speech
Being a sore loser in boardgames
Not being able to be around friends
Leaving friends behind to meet other friends
Not going to a friend when they wanted to talk
Being afraid to do some things
Being afraid to execute on my plans

So there that’s for my shameful, guilty, sinful failures.

I’m only human.
But in conjunction to these failures were successes :D

And the actual and potential success so far outweigh these puny failures!

So yeah Santai!!!!


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