Artist Interview: Rex Aguilar

Rex Aguilar is a painter and a member  of INK (Illustrador ng Kabataan). I met him through 10a Alabama Art and Craft Fair.

In this show Rex talks about how he got started with art, his view on maintaining a painting style and experimentation, his upcoming show and a new direction he wants to integrate into his art practice.

You can listen and download the interview here:

Part 1:
On his experimentation

The similarity of his work to another artist and the difference

His early artworks involving the use of copper wires

His reason for the use of copper wires as a medium

How he got into the arts

What course did he first went into

And how he convinced his parents to let him transfer to Fine Arts

How he was able to subsidize his college studies

Where he worked as a Creative and his experiences working

How working as a Creative influenced his art practice

The reasons why he quit that job

Part 2:

How he got back to the Art Scene

Getting his first big commission

Why he never finished hi Fine Arts Studies in UP

How INK helps him in his art practice and how INK works as a group

The pros and cons of being an independent artist

His preparations for the upcoming Hong Kong Art Fair

Current project with Adarna publishing

Of working with clients and teams that understand you as an artist

Rex’ delving into community development and why

On working with Opus Dei and their beliefs about work

Note: There are no current transcriptions of this interview and for that Gerome apologizes T_T

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