The Bat and the Bear has meet again.

And this time they are more concerned than ever to get more ice cream.

The topic of the meeting: Blogging and Freelancing. 

You see here the Bear and his friends are unto setting up a Bounty Hunting Company taking on various of types of job.

You see, though the bear never took on any full time hunting expedition.

His furry friends got burned in many ways by these hunting expedition. Now they are thinking into hunting in unexplrored territories.  Meat seems to be better and the terrain is more giving. That is if they stick to it and master the terrain.

Takes time to get to know the terrain.

Therefore the Bear talked to the Bat, who has a very good hunting experience, about the Bounty Hunting Company they planning to get set-up.

So let's get to it, the Bear has some experience with Odesk and 99design. The Bat has experience with, which is really good.

And oh! another another furry from the wild, the Sparrow, who is more into whistling but is able and even better than the Bear on making tree marks is also looking for bounty hunting opportunities.

So for now let's list the Bounty Hunting opportunities that this furry things can turn to:
Contacts from friends
Businesses with bad or stock looking designs - The Panda is securing a client with such a problem, so if one has this problem, there must be more.
PH Businesses who can afford and must, really, please, for your own safety, and your kids safety, need a design make-over ---- the Bear and friends has established some way of determining who these are :) have not tried to reach them yet :) that is on the to do list - Remind the Bear pls
Overflow work from fellow bounty hunters

So there you have it.

But it's not over yet because the Bat has plans on launching a blog. He learned lots about blogging while on hunting expedition, so his learning is based on hunting experience.

He learned how to get interviews, systematize it. Who are most hungry for interviews. What type of tree scratches gets that most views. And how the Company earns from it's territorial scratchings.

Thinking about it now :) there are some resources I want the Bat to look into.

Empire Flippers ----- they sell pre-qualified and profitable niche sites. From peeps who are willing to train you how to go about using the site.
Flippa ----- for pro level niche site buying. It's easy to get scammed here, I think.
Smart Passive Income ---- of course everybody know that stuff
Fastlane Forum and MJ Demarco ---- Personal Bear idol. He hunted and sold a multi-million lead generation site. And the forum has tons of kind enough pro hunters.

Guess that's enough bear talk for now.

The Bear who wants to be a Dolphin

P.S.Let's pay our respects to our late beloved Lanciegirl who has passed away during this season. May her soul rest in heaven, be reincarnated in better life forms. We miss ya girl :3

P.P.S.To end on a high note, have you seen Bruce our cute Lab pup who is growing like crazy :D He's like a walking, wagging, jumping, fat Mango.

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