Ima need to hustle my transcription gig

So who will benefit from transcriptions

1) There are those podcasters who make awesome mp3 files that educate the hell out of people :)

So that you can get educated while your busy doing your hustle... Running, working out, doing design, data entry or what not

Transcriptions can be used by podcasters as a supplement to their shows. These transcriptions will give the shows more SEO juice, help out their audience in taking down notes and enable those deaf and hard of hearing to also benefit from their content.

2) And there are those Webinar hosts. The transcriptions can be given to webinar attendees as a reward for showing up or later translated into a white paper report, just sprinkle some formatting.

3) You got interviewed By some big blogger or local TV show, you say. Transcribe that interview. Quote yourself then share that on social media sites.

4) Your youtube channel is growing? Kudos to you!

Then you might want to consider having some of videos transcribed so that you can reformat the content to a report, a book, a blog post or a slideshow.

Plus you can also use the transcription in posting your videos to your website to get, did we mention that already, some SEO juice.

5) You're some expert in some stuff eh, want to do a book about that. But you're not really into writing your more into talking and letting ideas flow.

Then I suggest you get a friend a few rounds of beer, wine or tequila. Talk to your firend about your expertise. Let him ask questions that people interested in your field would ask. Record that conversation. GEt it  transcribed and formatted.

Voila! you got yourself a book!

6-1,000) And that's just some of it. The possible uses of transcriptions are only limited by your imagination.

Now you know what sort of folks can benefit from having their stuff transcribed now we will dive into the benefits of having those materials transcribed.

So let's get started!

1) Get's you some SEO juice by the mention of recognizable ways and search keywords :)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The more juice you have for this stuff the higher your chances will be in popping up in the first page o search engines, like google.

2) Get's you shareable content in the form of quotes.

Quote yourself or the experts you interviews. And have awesome quotes to share on social media sites for some wordporn.

3) Helps your audience in note-taking.

Now that you got your material transcribed word for word.It will not be that hard for your dear listener to get clear on what was said.

4) Gives you written material that you can turn to slide presentations, books, whitepapers, articles and what not.

Audio and video materials are superb they let your audience get to know you online in a more personable way. Getting to hear your voice and tone in speaking. And seeing your gestures as you explain your stuff.

So why stop there, get those materials transcribed and you have more materials to share to your audience.

5 to 1,000) And so much much more

The Hustler of Transcription

P.S. Tell me if you know someone who I can help with transcriptions.
P.P.S. If ever you're wondering if I plan on doing this for a long time... Well it's just a start of a wonerful journey :)

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