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Curious curious where have Gerome been? What had he been doing? Why hasn't he been active in the art bazaars and all those art jazz?

Well with great fear of being looked down on and being seen as fearful I reveal some the things that happened during those disappearing moment.

Read on my friend.

This is hard thing for me to do. As I don't want to look weak. But I noticed that I need to clear things up as I feel people have lost their trust in me and telling the truth would clear some of those things.

So what happened during the "Gerome Disappearing Act" now you will know.

Here are some of the vague things that happened:

The Weed

It's fun to work at 98b, like it's awesome to assist artists there put up their shows on the PAN space. To help set-up the projector, clean the space, arrange the books and all those things.

To hang out with some of the most awesome artists in the Philippines :) and hang out with some of the most awesome visiting artists in the Philippines :)

But you know what's not cool is spending time with fellow who is what we call a "Negatron".

You know that big bad nasty antagonist Megatron and an ugly, toxic Negative attitude towards life put that into a person then you have a Negatron.

Candy is not the problem

The candy was not really the issue. Like I can sustain my candy. The art bazaars supplied me an ample amount of eye candies and candies to survive.

And some thought it might be because of the candies.

Apart from the bazaars I managed to learn a way to earn more candies from home from the awesome materials that some generous teacher put up in the internet and a side candy source a fellow artist on a bazaar mentioned.

So the candies was not the issue.

When there's better things to do, there's better things to do.


The thing with Negatrons is that they suck up your blood dry and you go back home wondering where all that time get sucked into. The more time is sucked from you thinking who or what was that sucking blood out of you.

It's not civil to kill vampires nowadays so the next best option was to keep out of the vampire until reinforcements arrive.

Differing views

But then reinforcements came a little too late.

Differing views. You here elder bear is a whacko he likes to listen to what is not the norm. Like before rock music was cool he already listened to it. When all his bearmates back in the highlands were gangsters he was a rocker and a magic player.

Odd this elder brother is. He don't even want to say that even though he's supposed to be dumbed in numbers he used to rank high in counting branches back in the highlands.

So whacko elder brother is versus the littler bear who is conventional and perhaps treading along Negatrons you got a fight.

With a fight all bears go up and emotions get high. And held up emotions are held out.

And things go down south fast.


When the bear's hungry and angry it's hangry.

And when it's hangry it's focused to hunting like a madman. Nohing will stop that bear. Occupy his cave and he will sleep in the tree. Destroy his game and he will travel to the next forest to mark a new territory.

Conflict for alphaness is unnecessary and uncivil. The one with the most game will win the game.

Smart bear

But then whackos are smart and before he's even burned out he is lured by this quick meat offers.

He delves into black magic. Delves into stick reading. But delving lead him nowhere and somewhere.


Bear has seen the all the sticks and all the stones that his forest got to offer and he now knows that the ocean where the dolphins swim is where he wanna be.

He don't want to be a bear no more. Being a dolphin is so much better. Ride that warm water and speed up.

Back to the future

So now the Bear is back. The bear would really want to get back. He got down really down. Like damn it! It's impossible for a bear to be a dolphin!

But that's our work! That's our gist to make the impossible possible!

So this is the new bear project! to be a dolphin! Just like how he managed to tame the hawk. Being a dolphin is not impossible but it will be hard and the bear is driven.

The future has a better party now more fun, more comic, more gay, more lively, more jolly. The Bear is still getting used to the salt water but soon enough it will be riding the waves

For less vagueness:

  • Negatron
  • Leaving planning to return until reinforcements come
  • Bear fight
  • Bear hustle
  • Bear lured
  • Bear depressed
  • Bear got visited by the hawk he tamed
  • Bear sees the dolphin
  • Bear has a new project
  • Bear is back in the game aiming to be the dolphin

looking forward to hanging out with you,
The Gerome of Soriano

P.S. The bear is looking for flowers. One will not do. The bear will not pick up the flower but will sure to smell it even taste it at times.

P.P.S. The bear XD
P.P.P.S. Wuhoo! we got reinforcements :) now

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