Be part of a fun activity this month even if you don't have much

Wanna know something that would be fun to do, helps out other people and connects you with like-minded people, then read on my friend.

I came across this awesome project while chatting with an awesome friend based in Davao city. She along with here team there has been running this activity for several years now and as years past they are evolving it

The last time they did this was during the Easter celebration and they looked like they had a whole lot of fun.

I think it's such an awesome activity that it would be great to do the same here in Manila. Why limit the fun when you can spread it instead

So if you're up for something that helps other people, connects you with like-minded people and will be a whole lot of fun to do then participating and/or helping organize a "Bookhunt"

So basically here's what we need to pull this most-fun-activity off:

1) Collect, store and donate books
2) Find a place to store those books
3) Venue for a potluck picnic
4) Time to spend with us and have fun :)
5) Food and drinks for the potluck picnic :)
6) Organizing mental, emotional and physical team work :)

Now you might be thinking this is a lot of work.

Yes it is a lot of work. The good type of work. The kind of work that makes you feel pumped up, excited and happy.

So if you have books gathering dust in your bookshelf,
If you have time to spare to have fun,
If you have a generous heart to help out others,
If you have the drive to connect with people who are into these type of fun activities,
Then we want you!!!

Connect with me on facebook here and let's talk about this bookhunt :)

All photos here are by Ralph Gideon Doron.

Look up my friend's awesome bookclub in Davao here

Looking forward for your participation and enthusiasm,
Gerome of the Soriano

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