Animals talk

Wondering why I keep on talking on parables? Making use of animal names instead of just mentioning names.

Well I learned a thing or two from your GREAT LORD JESUS CHRIST and the FUNDAMENTAL TEACHER SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA. And that is tell your stories, lessons in Parables.

Speaking in parables allows you gracefully deliver your criticisms of the Pharisee in front of them. And it makes them hard for them to react badly, lest they look uncivilized brutes. Eh nice move there, you Jew!

And talk about some very morbid, natural and wild thing and come out sounding like that was a holy, spiritual, sacred,deep speech you need to meditate upon. Nice play of words, you Indian!

Eh you Squirrels don't you blame, flame, troll me the Zen Teacher said kill the Buddha! I'm just following the teachings.

So the pro used them. I wanna be a pro. So swipe and deploy.

Side note: Swipe and Deploy is a marketing term meaning you take something that is already working wonderfully for other people. Then you change it accordingly for your use. And deploy it.

Another good thing about parables is that they are more memorable.

The one who will write in parables

P.S. Osho is very very good :) It would be good to read some. The long ones are better the quotes are easy to misunderstand.

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