Wuhoo! Most Awesome FREE Prints

Wuhoo! Some friends have already taken the Most Awesome FREE Prints :)

Chrissie, Angelica and friends have already taken their Most Awesome FREE Prints :)

Francesca too :)

Sir Jay Javier too :)

And Alex of Rubber Ducky :)

Woot! woot! Thanks y'all

Get yours here:

You may be asking is this really FREE? What's the catch?

Yup there's a catch and that is you help me out with cost of shipping. Which is a puny 60 pesos with xend :) Or meet me up at one of the art fairs where I would be going :)

Each of the print is limited edition and is printed and matted the same way as all of my other prints :)

The photographs were taken with my ninja technique of kite aerial photography.

Flying a big kite then hanging a rigged DSLR on the kite line.

Then foom!!! their up in the air and I'm on the ground using the "force"

That is a cool 7-channel radio transmitter to control the camera remotely :)

Then come up with these awesome photographs :)

Why Gerome?Why are you giving these precious ones FREE?

Because I love people who love art :) 

I believe that art truly enriches and gives more "flavor" to our life

Makes life richer :) Make us feel richer :) make those around us richer :))))))

Richer in creativity in looking at things.
Diversity in learning about the different facets and factions of art :)
Gratitude and appreciation :)

And ultimately a sense of community as a group of people trying to do awesome things that don't necessarily make sense always :) but nonetheless are awesome (and may lead to something very senseful in the future:)

So yeah grab yarself my awesome free print :)

Before Darth Kitty gets meowngry :3

What ya think about this post? Is it fun? Is is boring?
Beneficial or useless?
Trash or Treasure?

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