Inspiration: Abelardo Morell

I found Abelardo Morell through a copy of B & W magazine that I bought from Booksale.

I love that magazine nice paper, amazing photographs, and amazing photographers.

Abelardo Morell's work is one of the work that resonated with me from that magazine. 

The image above was the one that caught my interest :) I never thought that a book could so wonderful :)

When I looked up his work on the internet. 

I discovered that he had some other amazing series of images. Particularly the cliche verre and the camera obscura. Because of my interest in process and technologically driven images.

I made my own Room with a View, camera obscura technique image :) I call my series the "Kwarto Obscura".

Kwarto Obscura 1- limited edition print - archival type C print
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