Art Bazzar Guide for Collectors: 10a Alabama

This is the second part of a series of blog posts about art bazaars here in the Philippines where you can visit, shop and immerse yourself in the Filipino Culture.

This second post is about 10a Alabama Handmade Art and Crafts Fair organized by Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery next week I'll be posting another one for BGC Art Market.

10a Alabama

Social Media:

10a Alabama St., Quezon City
(Near E. Rodriguez)

How to get there:



Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery

Types of Merchandise:

Artworks,paintings and artist merchandise.

Hand-made bags, jewelries, stamps and stationary.

Hand-made fabric products.


Food: Sandwiches, burgers, rice meals (depending on the menu :)

Beverages: Coffee, iced tea (depending on what's available or sellers present)

Price Range:

200 to around 3,000 pesos for artworks,paintings and artist merchandise.

750 to around 3,000 pesos hand-made bags.

100 pesos to around 500 pesos for jewelries, stamps and stationary.

200 to 1,000 pesos and-made fabric products like baby clothing products, stuffed toys, fabric reminder boards.

Inquire for furnitures, most of the furnitures used in 10a Alabama are available for sale :)

100 to 300 pesos for food: Sandwiches, burgers, rice meals (depending on the menu :)

100 to 200 for beverages: Coffee, iced tea (depending on what's available or sellers present)


About every 3 months or so for two days Saturday and Sunday


12:00 noon to about 8 p.m.

Where to eat:

There is a Kitchen inside the house that has an awesome menu :D


Comfort Room - There is a comfort room inside the house.  

Chairs and tables - There are chairs around the apce where you can hang out.

Swing - There is a swing where your children can play and maybe you too :)

Contact Details:

0908 862 9300

What people and the media says about it:

Most of the artists are on hand to sell their work, so it’s fun to chat and get to know the stories behind their pieces. Plus, they’re all so nice and friendly (but never pushy) so there’s always a good, laidback vibe going on! There happens to be a fair ongoing this weekend, so of course we dropped by to see what was new, as well as revisit old favorites.

I say, you can’t come out of a place (or an event!) like that and not feel inspired to create something beautiful. The last two frames in the collage above are some of the things I took home with me—a notebook and a set of buttons from Ella Lama, some washi tapes from Hey Kessy, and a bag of ground beans from Cordillera Coffee.

If you’re on the hunt for something unique, either for yourself or for someone else, then chances are you’ll find it here. Many of the wares for sale are in essence functional art pieces. Non-mass-produced, they’re meticulously crafted by hand and made with pride.

I could go on and on about this fair, but I’ll stop here for two reasons: A) you’ve probably already heard about this event, and B) if you haven’t, then you still have a chance to go before the next one. The last day is today, Sunday, from noon until 7 PM, so if you don’t have anything to do, then I suggest you stop reading my crap, crawl out of your rock like I did, and go. Now. :D

As an art and craft fair, there are quite a number of budding crafters and small businesses who join the activity.  From wired accessories to quirky graphic art, handmade plushy toys, to natural tanned leather bag, it is a curious showcase of creativity and fun, outside the normal confines of a sometimes predictable shopping mall.  What is shown at activities like these are not merely cute things or nicety items but, many creations that were poured over and patiently made, with a clever whimsical and completely personal score.

The 10a Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair is held every 3 months, and here you will find a mish-mosh of handmade items by several different artists. Tables are set up starting from the garage, and from there you will weave your way into the house for more.

And because I was the one in charge of documenting our coverage, I had a ton of photos to show my parents, who, like me, are big lovers of art. They liked what they saw in the pictures, so yesterday, I accompanied them to the fair.

At the end of the day, we had new pieces of ceramic jewellery, leather goods, magnets, and whatnot. 

aside from all the nice artsy stuff being sold, 10a alabama is also filled with art, there were lots of installations around. there were paintings, prints, and doodles on the walls. plus, the furniture are artworks too.

In today’s era of mass production, 10a Alabama is a venue for crafters, artists, and consumers alike to return to the main principles of engaging in the mindful and creative process of traditional handmade production. The handmade movement provides the perfect structure for individuals and organizations alike to learn how to incorporate sustainable and environmental principles in their purchasing decisions and product consumption and construction.

Upon entering the mural painted gate of the said repurposed house, you walk through a driveway and are instantly welcomed by crafters tending their wares on small tables. There’s constant chatter – but not the “Magkano po ito?”, haggling talk ala Christmas bazaars. Customers and fair-goers instantly become genuinely interested in the crafting process, the stories behind the pieces, asking the crafters about their work and inspiration.

Been looking forward to this arts and crafts fair in 10a Alabama since I saw the poster somewhere in Instagram.  I have wanted to visit Resurrection, and I like anything handmade.  I like Pinoy-made goods.  We were also on the lookout for a smaller weekend murse for Pao, and wanted to check out the hand-stitched goodies by Bags by Rubbertree.  Also, we reserved a handmade plush minion for Laz from Pop Junk Love and he was excited about picking it up.

I found maps to 10a Alabama online here and here.  It's in New Manila; Alabama Street is just off E. Rodriguez.  (I am hurrying to publish this entry since the bazaar is until today, Sunday, 21 July 2013, so go go go!).  There are so many cute and charming trinkets (like origami earrings from Orig. Kami [, 0915-6625743])) and awesome but affordable art work (like from Kartwheel Creations by Kish Javier []).  Even if I personally feel too old to wear bottle cap earrings, for instance, there are so many wonderful things you can get and give away as birthday and Christmas gifts.

One Sunday afternoon, my friend Shake and I decided to forego the usual coffee shop date around the city and get high on some arts and crafts instead. We made our way past the skyscrapers and the busy-ness of the concrete jungle and found ourselves on a quiet little street nestled in a residential area, a bit far away from where we live. The house we had set out to visit looked like your average Filipino home- covered in shrubs, a little rusty in some places and had enough wear and tear to be called well “lived in.”  The house brought about a sense of nostalgia, it felt like one of the houses your Dad’s family could have lived in during the 70’s.

10A Alabama is a quarterly gathering of artists-sellers in an old house converted into an art and furniture gallery in Quezon City. The gallery got its name from its address which is No. 10-A Alabama St., New Manila, Quezon City. It is the homebase ofResurrection Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery. From the outside it looks like a small compound but you'll be surprised to know that the place is actually huge; the garage is spacious (where most of the artists display their goods) and the main house is probably a 1940-50s bungalow house with a big big backyard.

One of the booths that caught my attention was Aromerateria. They sell these fragrant solid perfumes that come in tubes the size of lip balm. It's like Lush's solid perfumes, but these are locally-made. It is also alcohol-free, pthalate-free, paraben-free, and are 70% organic. Aside from the really delicious scents - which come in unique combinations like sea spray and sugar and patchouli and pepper and vetiver - they have fascinating names with literary references. There's Austen, Veruca Salt, Hermione, Trese, Rudyard, and Sherlock. I got to chat with owner Shari Tan, and I feel like she could be my best friend. We're both into books, soaps, and fragrances.

There were soooo many cute things at the fair but I practiced control and held on to my money. These days, when I am tempted to buy something, I ask myself first “Do I want it because I really want it or because it’ll look cute on the internetz?”

It’s lovely. Etsy heaven. I’m thinking Malugay, CubaoX and Williamsburg. And yes, very (female) hipster.

10a Alabama is literally located at #10a along Alabama street.  *Dear Grammar Nazi, Please don’t crucify me for being so redundant.*  It’s a vintage furniture store and once in a while, they have these events.  Here are my happy discoveries and yes, I took all their cards for you and me just so that we can all go back to this post as a reference in the future.

For now, I live vicariously through these amazing creations.  Hahaha!
Hooray for DIY!  Hooray for arts and crafts!

If you love arts and crafts and everything handmade, drop by the 10a Alabama fair this weekend! Held about four times a year at a rustic bungalow in Quezon City, this charming indie fair features the creations of some of Manila’s most talented artists and crafters. Items for sale range from pretty stationery, handmade journals, hip wall prints, and other paper goods, to adorable plush toys, lovely trinkets, chic leather goods, mini cacti gardens, and retro-cool furniture made from recycled wood by 10a Alabama fair host Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery.

Wuhoo! that was a lot :D

This is the second part of a series of blog posts about art bazaars here in the Philippines where you can visit, shop and immerse yourself in the Filipino Culture.

This second post is about 10a Alabama Handmade Art and Crafts Fair organized by Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery next week I'll be posting another one for BGC Art Market.

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